Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction To digital Marketing

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Course Description

Understanding Internet Difference between Internet & web
Understanding websites Understanding domain names & domain extensions What
is web server & web hosting? Different types of web server Different types
of websites Based on functionality Based on purpose Planning & Conceptualizing
a Website Identifying objective of website Deciding on Number of Pages Required
Planning for Engagement Options Creating Blueprint of Every webpage Beat &
Worst Examples

Building website using CMS in Class Booking a Domain Name
& webhosting Adding domain Name to web Server Adding webpages & content
Adding Plugins

Key concepts covered include:

• What is marketing? What is digital marketing? Understanding Marketing Process • Why Digital Marketing Wins Over traditional Marketing ? • Understanding Digital Marketing Process • Increasing Visibility • What is visibility? O Types of visibility • Examples of visibility • Visitors Engagement • What is engagement? • Why it is important? • Examples of engagement • Bringing Targeted Traffic • Inbound • Outbound • Conversion Leads • Types of Conversion • Understanding Conversion Process • Retention • Why it is Important? * Types of Retention • Performance Evaluation e Why it is Important? • Tools Needed